Rental Application

Please make sure you read through this application carefully and fill it out completely.

The following is required to make an application:

  1. All applications must be filled out and signed by the applicant.
  2. All persons to occupy the property must be listed on the application.
  3. All applicants/occupants 18 years of age and older must complete an application and undergo a background check.
  4. Reliable documentation such as pay check stubs and telephone numbers for all income must be provided and verifiable.
  5. Photo id. is required (driver’s license, military id, etc.).
  6. All pets and vehicles of any type must be disclosed on the application.
  7. Income: Gross monthly income must be 3 times the amount of the rent.

Policies and Procedures:

  • It is free to apply. However, if your application is chosen at that time we will collect a non-refundable $60.00 application fee for all persons 18 or older to process the background check and the deposit to hold the home for you.
  • Rental history must be at least 1 year. Living in a property owned by a relative or family member does not meet the criteria considered to be a Landlord/Tenant relationship.
  • Pets, IF allowed, must be approved by landlord, must be permitted, and vaccinated. If approved, a pet deposit will be paid and a pet agreement signed before moving any pet onto the property. No exceptions.
  • Qualifying is based on rental history, income, and criminal background check. A felony/violent criminal history or eviction by a prior landlord are causes for rejection.
  • If accepted, a Security Deposit is required and must be paid before taking occupancy. No exceptions. A security deposit will be the same amount as the rent. First month’s rent and security deposit must be paid by certified check, money order, or cash.
  • Leases require 30 day written notice to vacate, from the first day of the month to the last. Verbal notices are not accepted.
  • Once the property has been vacated and keys returned, an inspection of the home will be performed. After inspection, we will begin to process the return of your security deposit. Any charges to the security deposit will be itemized and a statement with any refund due will be sent to the forwarding address provided.
  • All properties are non-smoking.
Rental Property Address

Applicant Information

(First, Middle, Last)
If yes, co-applicant must submit separate application.
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If you select Real Estate Agent, please include their name and phone number.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Address

Other Occupants

Please name all other persons who will occupy the property.

Applicant's Current Address

Current Address

Applicant's Previous Address

Previous Address

Applicant's Current Employer

Employer's Address

Applicant's Previous Employer

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List all vehicles to be parked on the property.


List all pets that will be kept on the property.

Additional Questions


Applicant authorizes Landlord and Landlord's agent at any time before, during, or after any tenancy, to:

  1. obtain a copy of Applicant's credit report;
  2. obtain a criminal background check related to Applicant and any occupant;
  3. verify any rental or employment history or to verify any other information related to this application with persons knowledge of such information.
  4. Applicant represents that the statements in this application are true and complete.

Notice of Landlord's Rights to Continue to Show the Property: Unless Landlord and Applicant enter into a separate written agreement otherwise, the Property remains on the market until a lease is signed by all parties and the Landlord may continue to show the Property to other prospective tenants and accept another offer/tenant.

Authorization to Release Information Related to a Residential Lease Applicant

I, Applicant, have submitted an application to lease a property located at this address stated above.
The landlord, broker, or landlord's representative is:

Dale and Vicki Hall
4701 Altamesa Blvd #1B
Fort Worth, Texas 76133
Fax: 817-423-2630

I give my permission:

  1. to my current and former employers to release any information about my employment and income history to the above named person.
  2. to my current and former landlords to release any information about my rental history to the above named person.
  3. to my current and former mortgage lenders on property that I own or have owned to release any information about my mortgage payment history to the above named person.
  4. to my bank, savings and loan, or credit union to provide a verification of funds that I have on deposit to the above named person.
  5. to the above named person to obtain a copy of my consumer credit report from any consumer reporting agency and to obtain a criminal background information about me.
You have completed the application. You may now Print or Submit your application.