Our tenants know us as Dale and Vicki.

We are a husband and wife team that has managed single family rental homes and duplexes for one single individual for the last 15 years.

Currently we take care of the needs of 55 families. What is unique about GL Rental Property is that since we work for only one owner we know the high standards he has for his properties. He frequently says that he does not want to be a “slum lord”. As a quality landlord who takes very good care of his properties, he does expect his tenants to do their part and take good care of the homes they live in. All of our properties are non-smoking.

Our tenants know they will receive a prompt response to their requests and that we really care about them and maintaining the properties. They also know that it is easy to submit repair requests, as we have implemented texting as the most direct and efficient way for making sure everyone has easy and direct access to us.